Spark change

Technology re-invents financial services

Commerce is the new interface to financial services: segment of one, real-time, transparent.

Banks & insurers embrace platform concepts to replace legacy IT — or they die.

Regulation necessitates 100% automation of the backoffice.

Co-operation & data sharing is the prerequistite to reduce financial crime.

Our ventures innovate financial institutes – from the inside out


We build ventures who are 100% subscribed to Cloud, Software-as-a-Service & Artificial Intelligence, as they are the only solution to the fincnical services industry’s lag in digitalization & inefficiencies.

As operators turned investors, we do what it takes to build the venture fastest: start-up greenfield, invest into a nucleus or partner.


We connect founders with opportunity


We test and vet business ideas rigorously  – no matter if they're ours or based on existing founders/businesses.

To develop traction, we continously invite founders to join our ventures.  Often we are the spark for leaders who want to leave a corporate career.

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A proven game plan de-risks the venture

Process start

We prototype early, and work iteratively — that’s how we deliver a live product months earlier.

Frameworks avoid waste: deploy immediately, get compliance & data security right from the outset.

Our network of fintech experts is approachable, driven and keen to work hands-on.